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1) Where is the Annual Exhibition of the Healing Minds Institute?

Though the location of the annual exhibition can change from year to year.  The location is not revealed until the pre-selection for invitees is completed.

2) How do I get invited to the Annual Exhibition?

Every year there is a pre-selected group of individuals who are chosen to receive this very special limited invitation.  Thereafter, a very limited number of invitations remain, and may be requested.  The requests can be submitted on the website, and a lottery will be preformed to choose the remaining guests.

3) Are children allowed at the Exhibition?

Children of all ages are welcome to the exhibition.  Younger children may find parts of the exhibition disturbing, and may opt to remain in the designated “kid-safe” area, where they can enjoy and assortment of kid friendly movies and treats, with a designated “kid-friendly” bathrooms.

4) Is food and drink available at the exhibit?

Yes.  Food and drink will be available free of charge to those invited to the exhibit, and guests may bring additional food and drink if they so desire.

5) If I bring my children, will they need therapy?

Children may explore the entirety of the exhibition if they wish, and if they’re parents approve…but their minds may be lost forever to the madness within.

6) If I attend, will I need therapy?

The amount of therapy you will require after the exhibition is commensurate with your own mind’s ability to handle exposure to the torments of madness.

7) What do I need to bring?

First, you will find the light of darkness to be helpful.  You should have received this with your invitation.  You may need it to get through the night.

Many people find that “hiding” themselves from the torment helps in their ability to deal with it.  As such, visitors are encouraged, but not required, to conceal their true identity with a costume.

8) What does “The Light of Darkness Reveals the Truth” mean?

If you haven’t figured this out, all will be revealed in time.

9) Is this just a Halloween Party?

No.  This is a festive social gathering revolving around an annual recognition of those things which cause the mind unease.

10) What’s with the little light that came with my invitation?

“The Light of Darkness Reveals the Truth.”

11) Will I need the little light for the exhibition?

It is not required, but will make your experience more fun.

12) What ever happened to Dr. Dorian Schroeder?

“The Light of Darkness Reveals the Truth.”

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