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Recovered from County Archives by independent investors several years ago, the HMI annual exhibit is held once a year late in the month of October.  The exhibit includes some of the surviving artifacts recovered from the ruin of the institute.

Be warned.  Spiritualists and psychics (whose advice is rarely, if ever, heeded by the administrators of the exhibition) warn that the metaphysical properties of these artifacts are fused with dark energies, and capable of opening portals into alternate realities, forcing the torture of madness upon any who lack the spiritual fortitude to resist the forces of evil.

For this reason, the exhibit is only open once per year, and then only to a limited number of special individuals.  Were you invited?  Do you have what it takes to visit the Healing Minds Institute annual exhibition and leave with your sanity in tact?  Not everyone who comes leaves the same as they were…

Click Here to View Pictures from the 2nd Annual Healing Minds Exhibit

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