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Aitken College Agreement

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Annmarie brings an enthusiasm and pleasure of law that converts to commercially reasonable and inexpensive results for her clients. Therefore, if you need legal support, please contact Annmarie to discuss how she can help you. There are 12 schools directly related to the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania (links to the websites of this school below) and a number of others that have other forms of association, such as for example. B ecumenical association in collaboration with other Christian denominations. In essence, Annmarie Geros is a dispute resolution and litigation lawyer who advises her clients in a timely and pragmatic manner. With experience and expertise in different business areas, Annmarie is well positioned to quickly identify legal issues and effectively tackle to resolve disputes in the pre-process phase. If necessary, Annmarie is able to act as a Solicitor Advocate and support her advocacy skills of her advocacy work at both national and federal level. After starting her career in small shops, Annmarie has worked for a large number of clients of individuals, from small to medium-sized businesses and large companies. What is unique is that Annminus` experience brings you a very personal touch in working with clients who are both accessible and sensitive to their nature. In addition to advising his clients and defending them throughout his case.

Annmarie sits on the Executive Committee of the Law Institute of Victoria`s Young Lawyers (LIV YL) and is a strong supporter of the support and mentoring of other Junior Lawyers. In her role as co-chair of the Young Lawyers Editorial Committee, Annmarie is heavily involved in publishing and writing content for the LIV YL. As such, she remains at the forefront of the substantive and practical issues facing the profession in order to better support and promote the business and legal needs of its clients. There are a number of independent schools in Victoria and Tasmania, which are linked to the Uniting Church, usually due to the establishment of the schools by members of the Uniting Church or its previous denominations. . . .