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Agreement From A Cowpoke

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(a) Comprehensive Agreement: this Agreement is, together with all Annexes, Annexes or other Annexes incorporated therein by reference, the sole and complete agreement between the Parties. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements, understandings and documents relating thereto. In the event of an opposition between the provisions of the main part of the Agreement and all the documents, annexes or other matters attached, the Agreement shall have priority. License payments are collected by suppliers who use, for example, pistol Pete`s image on the goods. The Developer warrants that the Developer does not knowingly infringe the copyright or trade secrets of third parties when providing services under this Agreement. To the extent that any material used by the developer contains material belonging to a third party, the developer must obtain from the owner a license authorizing the use of that material and giving the developer the right to sublicense its use. The Developer will not knowingly infringe any third party patents required in this Agreement, but the Developer does not guarantee non-infringement of U.S. or foreign patents. Customer releases developer from any third party claims that result in loss, damage, liabilities, costs, expenses, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys` fees, resulting from a breach of Customer`s insurance and warranties contained in this Agreement. However, for such an exemption to be effective, the Developer must immediately notify customer in writing of such claims and provide customer with appropriate cooperation and support that customer may require in defense of such claim.

The customer has exclusive control of such action or procedure. The agreement approved on Friday by osU-Regenten allows both schools to use the cowboy`s logo – with certain qualifications. A spokesman for the University of Wyoming, however, said Friday that the university`s Cowpoke logo was derived from an artist commissioned a few decades ago to create a caricature for the school`s mascot. The University of Wyoming first used the cowboy logo on clothing in 1966. “I received a text message from Black Bart. What is a wrinkled side face? (g) The assigns and beneficiaries of the assignment: this Agreement binds and benefits the heirs, assigns and beneficiaries of the parties. . . .