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Art Commission Contract Agreement

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6. Additional payments: After the artist has sent the low-resolution image (small file/.jpg) of the finished product, or all the conditions/conditions of the works of art of the contract are met at the time of completion, each additional revision of the work costs 30% of the original price. The timelines, recordings and details defined throughout the commission process not only allow for a completed project, but also pave the way for future orders. 5. Terms of payment: A non-refundable down payment of half (50%) The sale price is required before the work begins. However, if the client shows discomfort when paying the registration fee, the artist may propose a very coarse sketch in the form of a low-resolution image file (watermarked) before the first payment. If a rough sketch is sent, the 50% non-refundable sale price must be paid before the artist starts working on the commission work. 7. Kill Fee: In the event that the project/commission is cancelled, the customer agrees to pay a 30% fee on the commission price. The aim is to ensure the work and time that the artist has devoted to the Commission. Both Commissioners and practitioners should be realistic about the work of implementing the Commission and practitioners should be fully compensated for their work. Practitioners should receive artist fees, minimum fees are shown in Chapter 7: Fees and salaries.

rights that define who owns the work once completed, an agreement on the reproduction rights of the work as well as provisions on whether the work can be exhibited, borrowed, etc. An agreement on the terms of the commission contract should be concluded as soon as possible after the selection process. The successful practitioner should not continue work on the project unless they have reached an agreement with the Commissioner on the terms of the commission contract and the agreement is signed in writing and by both parties. This should be understood and respected by both parties. An art proposal that describes what the commission work will look like. Sometimes artists contain a prototype, sketch or example of similar works. When you are asked to produce art to order it, it is often like the ultimate compliment, because it is someone who loves your work to the point of wanting something that has been done especially for them.